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Stop Being Out Dressed by Your Horse!

Stop Being Out Dressed by Your Horse!

Christina from Mindful Horse USA understands a long day at work can make it hard to change into your riding clothes and get out to the barn, but she's discovered how an updated riding wardrobe and some fashion inspiration can give her the motivation she needs to get out there because sometimes shopping is the best medicine!


Some days it's all I can do to put my breeches on and head to the barn. On days when I can't seem to slip out of my jeans, I usually end up working on much over due ground work with my horses or the bareback pad becomes my best friend. Friend turned enemy as it always happens since walking the next day may not be the same.

The question I found myself asking is how my horse is always better dressed and more polished than I am. This even goes beyond my barn clothing. My nails are chipped and dirty, any makeup I had on has been replaced with smudges of dirt, and who knows what's really going on inside my helmet with all that hair piled in there.

Something had to change.

My mission to be as stylish at the barn as I was at work became very real. It felt like the days when my daughters were really little and looking cute seemed pretty unrealistic. I ended up living in only sun dresses so I wouldn't have to coordinate anything and make any decisions.

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Style needs to be easy and functional. Brainless, really.

Step 1.

I threw away every old, stained, and ripped shirts and breeches.

Step 2.

I cleared a section of my closet and hung up my riding clothes, or what was left of them! This made it easy for me to visualize what I had.

Step 3.

I paired one pair of breeches with a training shirt and hung them together. Then I went through the belt collection and found a coordinating belt that fit the belt loops correctly!

If all you have is a narrow belt save it for your narrow belt looped riding pants!

You would be surprised at how inexpensive a good riding belt is. Order a wider one to ensure a proper fit.

This Harcour one is always stylish choice as it goes with anything! For $50 and no holes to squeeze into on those bloated days, who can pass it up!

Step 4.

Earrings! Pairing a set of stud earrings with your outfit always seals the deal.

Step 5.

Even if all you have is a few outfits, it is better to wear the same outfit over and over but continue to look polished then to look great one day and resort to old or ill-fitting clothes the next. If budget is an issue it's very easy to shop for gently used riding clothes these days! We even offer them in our consignment section MH Loft.

Thank you for reading my tips on not letting your horse out style you! We would love to see your outfit ideas! Tag us in your photos on Instagram @mindfulhorseusa.

How do you put together your riding clothes? What inspires you? What are your favorite go to brands?

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