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Study of Steroids and Breaking Down Articular Cartilage

Study of Steroids and Breaking Down Articular Cartilage

August 18, 2023 Megan Bertels Prioritizing preventive measures in the context of osteoarthritis or seeking alternatives to steroid injections holds great importance. The escalating expenses associated with OA find a contributor in joint replacements, particularly those concerning the hip and knee. Although corticosteroid injections have been utilized for over half a century to manage OA symptoms, recent research indicates their potential to expedite the degenerative process of articular cartilage in joints.



Consistent findings from studies involving animals and humans highlight the range of detrimental impacts corticosteroid injections can have on cartilage. These encompass reduced protein synthesis, a fibrotic appearance, clustering of collagen, modified chondrocyte cell morphology, suppressed cell proliferation, intensified cytotoxicity, chondrocyte depletion, surface deterioration, necrosis, thinning, hindered growth and repair, formation of cysts, and ultimately, the destruction of cartilage. Research results emphasize that even a single corticosteroid injection can inflict significant harm on articular cartilage, leading to thinning, fibrillation, and cyst formation. In animal studies, administered corticosteroids hindered proteoglycan and collagen synthesis, culminating in cartilage degradation. Furthermore, when corticosteroid injections were combined with joint movement in horses, the deterioration of cartilage integrity worsened. These adverse effects have been consistently observed in both animal and human subjects.


The swift degradation of articular cartilage following corticosteroid injections raises doubts about their safety and effectiveness in managing OA. Despite their intended purpose of alleviating inflammation and pain, they appear to exacerbate the underlying degenerative process. Incorporating a high-quality supplement into your daily routine or that of your pets can substantially enhance joint longevity. The formulation of OptiWize's ingredients is designed to inhibit osteoarthritis production and promote healthy cartilage. In cases where osteoarthritis is already present, OptiWize can provide relief from the pain and inflammation it causes, without the adverse side effects associated with osteoarthritis.

Read the full scientific documentation in a research study: Ross A. Hauser, MD "The Deterioration of Articular Cartilage in Osteoarthritis by Corticosteroid Injections" JOURNAL of PROLOTHERAPY | VOLUME 1 , ISSUE 2 | MAY 2009