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Tack Room Essentials: Oaklyn's Terra Girth

Laura Santomauro from Oaklyn Tack writes about why Oaklyn Tack girths should be one of your tack room essentials!

When Equivont reached out to us and asked if we'd be interested in writing a blog for their "Tack Room Essentials" theme, I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to highlight Oaklyn's Terra Girth as a consolidated, high-quality, multi-functional girth.

So, what makes Oaklyn's Terra girth a tack room essential? Well, if you're anything like how I used to be, you probably have multiple sets of well, everything, including girths. Because, who doesn't need a schooling girth, a show girth, a fleece girth, a non-slip girth, and on and on. Well, give your tack room and trunk a much-needed spring cleaning and shed those extra tack sets and consolidate with a Terra Girth.

The Terra Girth comes in four unique, custom styles, Base, Aztec, White Fancy Stitch, and Black Fancy Stitch. These styles offer a welcome change from the monotonous browns that we're all too familiar with when it comes to tack. The Terra girth comes with an option of white wool, black wool, or non-slip liners. All of our liners are interchangeable and available to purchase separately as a spare or replacement. For example, if I'm going on a trail ride or am having a jump school, I'll opt for the non-slip liner. When my horse gets clipped, or I'm riding a skin sensitive horse, I'll switch back to the wool liner. Another plus is having the option to school in the black liner, reserving the white liner for shows or clinics. The wool liners are machine washable and easily re-fluffed to their original plushness using a wire bristled brush. Having the various liners isn't only convenient; it helps extend the life of the girth. The first thing that usually goes or starts to look worn on girths is the liners. So, by offering replaceable liners, it provides the girth a much-needed facelift as well as eliminates the need to go out and purchase an entirely new girth.

The Terra Girth is constructed with quality materials and durably manufactured in the USA. It has stainless steel rollers buckles and center D-ring. The webbing spine is made from 100% recycled polyester, which performs equally as well as virgin polyester, but requires 58% less energy to produce and emits 45% fewer greenhouse gases as well as reduces our dependency on non-renewable resources. The wool liners are comprised of 50% virgin wool sourced from US farmers and 50% recycled polyester. We're happy to be able to incorporate wool as it boasts several beneficial characteristics that are hard to replicate in human-made synthetics. Wool fibers wick moisture and heat from your horse's body and are naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial.

So next time you find yourself in the girth market, check out Oaklyn's Terra Girths. Our girths are available on Equivont!

Oaklyn Tack is a brand that celebrates the human, horse, and nature connection. Their unique products are made in the USA from sustainably-sourced and recycled materials so you not only look good, but feel good.