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Tack Trunk Staples for Every Equestrian

March 29, 2023
Tack Trunk Staples for Every Equestrian

When it comes to supplies and gear an equestrian can buy, the list seems endless. However, you’ll be glad you stashed these essentials in your trunk. Although they aren’t your typical barn staples (boots, tack, helmets, etc.), these handy items will help you face anything during your day at the barn!

Sunscreen & SPF Lip Balm

You now have no excuse to say you forgot this morning.

Nail Kit

Ground mounted and snapped your nail? About to snag your new breeches with a split nail? We got you.

Permanent Marker

Put your name on everything to ward off the fly spray thief and the cookie crook.

Phone Charger

You’ll thank me after a long day at the horse show.


You won’t have a good ride if you’re hangry. Keep a granola bar for emergencies.


The amount of times I leave the house without one…


They’re good for more than just cleaning your boots. Wipe off your helmet or shine your stirrups before you step into the show ring.


If your horse isn’t feeling well, the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to get their temperature. Just keep your thermometer handy to prevent stressful situations from being any worse than they need to be.

Disposable Gloves

Things can get gross at the barn. ‘Nuff said.