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The 5 Best Gifts For Your Trainer

The 5 Best Gifts For Your Trainer

The holiday season is right around the corner and you'll be riding without stirrups all winter if you forget to get your trainer a gift.

Jokes aside, our trainers work ridiculously hard for us and our horses all year long - most even through the holidays while everyone else is on vacation! Giving a thoughtful gift is a sure way to show your appreciation, but it can be overwhelming to find the perfect present. We're here to help! Check out our (trainer approved) favorites:


Most trainers can survive on exclusively these two beverages, so whether you find a beautifully extravagant gift basket of all things wine and cheese, or simply pick up a Starbucks gift card, your trainer will probably let you keep your stirrups for the next few lessons.


If your trainer is like ours, they hate wasting time (and money). You're sure to gain extra brownie points with useful gifts that they'll use daily. Here's a few ideas:

  • Socks and Gloves~ Riders go through these like crazy, and picking up a few new pairs is probably last on a busy trainer's to-do list. Gifting this riding essential is always a safe bet.


  • Helmet Cleaner ~ Nothing smells worse than a well-used helmet. Keep your trainer feeling fresh and smelling reasonable with an all-natural helmet spray.


  • Leather Care ~ Our guess is that buying your trainer a new saddle is a bit out of budget, but you can ensure that their tack lasts as long as possible with quality tack cleaner and conditioner. Our favorite is the Lavender Combo.


  • Grooming Supplies ~ Okay, so this might also be a subtle gift you can use on your horse, but coat products, hoof oil, and fly spray are part of every-day barn life. Get your trainer a fun new product so they can take that extra 15 minutes to grab a 16th cup of coffee instead of heading to the Feed Store.


  • Backpacks ~ Face it, we all carry a ton of sh*t around at the barn, and even more at shows. Make your trainer's life easier and more organized with a stylish handbag or backpack.



Want to add a personalized flair to show off how thoughtful you are this holiday season? Check out these customizable gifts, perfect for bribing your trainer.

  • Custom Artwork ~ Why leave your horse at the barn? These stunning custom portrait paintings let your trainer admire their favorite horse (or dog!) anywhere! These are also awesome additions to horse show set ups.


  • Custom Barn Signs ~ Custom barn or facility signs add a beautiful, professional vibe to any barn or horse show set up, and can be used for years to come!


  • Team Shirts ~ Bring team spirit and camaraderie to your barn with customizable shirts! These are all made by EIS and can be customized with your barn name, logo, or slogan!


  • Custom Bonnets and Brow Bands ~ We all love to look like superstars in the show ring. Customize a bonnet or brow band with your barn's colors and logo to give your trainer new flair the next time they step in the ring.



Let's be honest, your horse is probably the reason your trainer's back hurts on occasion. Give them a gift to keep them feeling their best so they can ride 'Casper' on the days he wants to buck you off.

  • Soap for Dirty Equestrians ~ Just add water to transform your trainer from a stinky, filthy rider into a clean, fresh-smelling presentable person. Amazing.


  • Skin + Body Care ~ When you spend all of your days outside, your trainer's body is bound to take a beating. Help them stay sun safe or ease body pain with these products made specifically for equestrians. The Infused Equestrian Recovery Blend Roller is a must have for sore muscles.


  • Therapy Products ~ Nothing says "Thanks for riding my dragon so he doesn't send me flying in to the next pasture" like therapy products for your trainer. This Acuswede Mat is our favorite!



Of course, the best for last! Here at Equivont we work to promote trainers, their businesses, sale horses, and anything else they have to offer; a membership with Equivont is a great gift to give your trainer because it's versatile, customizable to their business, and very useful! Check out our membership options here.


Still trying to find the perfect gift? If you're looking beyond these suggestions, the best place to start is Equivont to shop tack, apparel, wellness, self-care gifts, and so much more! You might find some pretty awesome gifts for yourself while you're at it