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The Eventer's Guide to Show Packing with Auburn Excell-Brady

Want to ensure you're ready for your next horse trials? Take the time to carefully pack your trunk.

Auburn Excell-Brady of Excell Equestrian walks us through her show packing process to make sure her and her horse are comfy and prepared for Aspen Farms Horse Trials.

Step 1:

Empty the trunk! It's easiest to organize items outside of the trunk.

Step 2:

Bucket for horse supplies: shampoo, fly spray, hoof picks, fungus spray, hoof oil ALL IN TRAVEL SIZE CONTAINERS for efficiency. Don't forget the wipes!

Step 3:

Pack stable supplies

Step 4:

Loading the tack- work in reverse order of the competition! Boots, pads, martingales and bridles!

  1. Show jumping
  2. Cross country
  3. Dressage

Step 5:

Therapy blankets and stable recovery boots.

Step 6:

Rider tote: gloves, boot polish, watch, sunscreen, DON'T FORGET YOUR LADY HAMMER!

Looking to get more experience in the eventing world? There is a working student position available at Excell Equestrian!