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The Goldilocks of Show Shirts: Harcour USA

January 29, 2023
The Goldilocks of Show Shirts: Harcour USA

Since I was 15 and started competing, I have always struggled to find a show shirt that fits the way I want it to. Shirts that are long enough for my arms are baggy at the waist, or shirts with a more fitted torso look like a kid’s shirt on my arms. Not to mention the trouble I had with the snaps being difficult to close or the hardware coming off altogether. At the end of the day, I just wanted something that wouldn’t bunch up under my show coat and that I could put on easily. Then, I met Harcour.

I’ve never felt more confident in my show gear than when I’m wearing my Harcour shirts. The fit is flattering, with a slim cut along the arms and body, plus the length is just right, which makes everything more streamlined when tucking the top into my breeches. The buttons on the sleeves and chest are easy to secure, and my favorite shirts even have amazing magnetic closures for the collar. Any hunter or equitation rider will be thrilled with the ease of these collars. In addition to being functional, these tops are beautiful! The material is soft, breathable, and incredibly comfortable, and they come in a variety of styles and colors.


If you’re like me and always used to settle for unflattering show shirts because you needed something to compete in, try Harcour and you’ll never have to settle again.