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The Horse World: Innovation vs. Tradition

The Horse World: Innovation vs. Tradition

Elyse Schenk, freelance content and copywriter for all things equestrian, kindly wrote this guest blog for Equivont!

Helmets should be bright blue and breeches hot pink. By the end of this post, I will have convinced you of that. Bleak black helmets and boring beige riding pants are outdated. It’s time for an equestrian fashion revolution!

Just kidding. I know better than to suggest any kind of equestrian revolution.

Horsemen are weary to shift to a slightly darker shade of beige, let alone a new breeches color entirely. Even white breeches have limited acceptable occasions (think about that. White is somehow a bold statement). A dark navy helmet-- practically black in the right lighting-- is considered controversial. The shift from laces to zippers on tall boots was excruciating. Safe to say that riders aren’t big into change.

Equestrians are deeply rooted in tradition. It’s a beautiful thing. Tradition is part of what helps the industry thrive. Respecting tradition means that valuable knowledge can effectively gather and be passed on through generations. We honor our past to protect our future.

Tradition isn’t only practical. It’s sentimental. Part of what makes the barn heartwarming is its resilience to change. No matter how long you’ve been away from it, the barn will feel the same. You can find comfort in expecting the smell of hay, the feel of leather, and hear the clinking metal sounds from the blacksmith. You’ll always find a good old rubber curry comb, a ratty straw broom, and lots of dirt. We’ll apply fly spray (even though it probably doesn't work), lead and mount from the left side (why?), and always preserve as much bedding as possible when mucking stalls.

In a fast-paced, constantly evolving society, the barn always welcomes you with familiarity. It doesn’t threaten your sense of belonging. Tradition makes the barn a nostalgic haven we long to enter into.

However, tradition can be restrictive. Holding tight to the old ways prevents progress forward. Are there products, technologies, or techniques we could adapt to that would improve things? What do we miss out on when we’re reluctant to try new ways?

One glaring problem in the equestrian world is professional communication and marketing.

You’re an official horse person if you’ve dealt with one or more of these ridiculous issues:

  • Sifting through outdated equestrian business websites to find what you need

  • Depending on word-of-mouth entirely for adequate horse services

  • Not having the connections to access the products and services you need

  • Translating confusing advertisements

  • Unable to find the “best of the best” services for your horses, because the best don’t usually advertise in the horse industry

Equivont solves these problems. Yet, their solutions don’t require “an equestrian revolution.”

What if you didn’t have to stray from the comfort of tradition to add convenience to your barn life? You could have access to all of the products and services you need for your horse with the ease of a one-stop website site. No risk required. No fundamental change. Just time and effort saved.

Equivont is the innovative platform for the traditional horseman.

Knowledge will continue to be passed on from old to young horsemen. The barn will still welcome you with familiarity. The only change you’ll face after discovering Equivont is having more time for your horses and better access to services and products to care for them.

Elyse Schenk is passionate about supporting equestrian entrepreneurs. Recognizing the importance of great writing for brand success, she offers her skills to the horse business community. Elyse is always looking for awesome equestrian brands to promote. She offers copywriting and content writing services for businesses to maximize their potential. She also enjoys writing inspiring and informative blogs for all equestrians to enjoy. Follow her on Instagram at @equestrianwriting and visit her website