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The Paso Robles Horse Park: Taking Schooling Shows to the Next Level

November 01, 2022
The Paso Robles Horse Park: Taking Schooling Shows to the Next Level

Photograph by Hoof Print Images Photography

Schooling shows are the grassroots of competitive horse sports, but they unfortunately get a bad-wrap for disorganization, limited class offerings, and bare-minimum facility amenities. The Paso Robles Horse Park is determined to change that. With four schooling shows mixed into the rated show schedule, the Paso Robles Horse Park provides a laundry list of reasons why their schooling shows are the most popular on the west coast.

Here are the top 3 reasons the Park’s Schooling Shows are Next Level:

1. Top-Notch Horse Show Facilities

The Paso Robles Horse Park is a premier equestrian show facility, boasting 5 competition and 5 warm-up arenas, each outfitted with pristinely-maintained GGT synthetic footing, 2 sand lunging areas, and a larger-than-life turf field. During the schooling shows, 3 competition and 3 warm-up arenas are utilized and groomed as if the highest level of show jumpers were competing. All horses competing at the schooling shows enjoy immaculate 12 x 12 permanent stalls, while riders have access to a covered catering courtyard and 52 onsite RV spots. To top it all off, each arena is adorned with the same beautiful jumps as the Park’s rated horse shows. The Paso Robles Horse Park prides itself on offering an impeccable facility across all show levels.


2. Young-Horse and OTTB Friendly Classes

The Paso Robles Horse Park schooling shows offer a variety of classes suitable for green riders and horses, all the way to the competitive rider brushing up on their skills before the next rated show.


One of the unique offerings at each of the schooling shows is the Triple Crown Challenge presented by Harris Farms. This special program allows Thoroughbred riders to enter at least one designated class per schooling show to earn points towards the year-end award. The winner of the challenge receives a cash prize presented by Harris Farms and the winner of the Trainer Incentive also receives a trainer prize.

The Paso Robles Horse Park also offers Gold Star Awards where show staff give out gold stars to trainers that well represent the true Paso Park personality and sportsmanship. These trainers are then entered into a drawing for the Star Basket at the end of the show.

Additionally, the Paso Robles Horse Park offers different Hunter and Equitation classes to varying levels of riders and horses: * Paso Park Medal: Hosted at the Park Schooling Show, Park B Series, and other regional shows, the Paso Park Medal has fences that do not exceed 3’ and is open to all Junior and Amatuer riders. * Lindsay Ashburn Memorial Green Rider Medal: Hosted at the Paso Park Schooling Show, Park B Series, and other regional shows, the Green Rider Medal has fences that do not exceed 2’ and is open to all Junior and Amatuer riders. * Hunter Derby: Open to all riders, a single round derby set at 2’3” with some additional high options. * Up-and-Coming Hunters: Open to horses that are 7 and younger or with less than 365 days of under saddle training, a walk/trot flat class with an optional canter component.


Photograph by GrandPix Photography

3. Finals and Year-End Awards

The Paso Robles Horse Parkk understands that not all riders have the means, desire, or current skill-set to compete at the rated competitions, but they ensure that these riders still have the opportunity to set goals for year-end finals and awards.

Schooling show competitors that have accumulated 7 or more points during the year in the aforementioned Medal Classes (Paso Park Medal and Lindsay Ashburn Memorial Green Rider Medal) are eligible to compete in the respective Medal Finals held at the Turkey Trot & Jump B Show in November, at which medal finalists receive a free stall if competing in the finals.

Besides the Triple Crown Challenge Winner Award, year-end championships are awarded to the Hunter, Jumper, and Equitation sections, as well as Gold Star Barn, a recognition of the barn that best fits the Paso Robles Horse Park’s ideas and mission, and Show Office Secretaries’ Choice Award.


“There are so many reasons why I love showing at Paso Robles Horse Park. Footing is so important for our horses and PRHP provides quality footing in all of their arenas, including the warm up rings which is often overlooked. The stabling offered gives our horses the comfort they need when we demand the most of them during competition. I feel that Linda Starkman’s (Founder of PRHP) vision of a peaceful serene environment with the horses in mind shows in the small details throughout the park. I love that they (management and Linda) provide for the horse community by not only hosting high level shows but give access to such a top notch facility by providing schooling shows and B level shows with the same quality jumps, footing, and management as the larger shows. They allow accessibility to the sport through programs for young horses and thoroughbreds and create an equal opportunity for all levels of riders to compete at such a top notch facility. I feel very fortunate to have this venue not far from where I train.” — Sarah Pollock of Sarah Pollock Sporthorses