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The ReitenRight Difference

The ReitenRight Difference

When researching which additive is ideal for your arena there are a few things to keep in mind. The type of sand you plan to use or currently have, how much maintenance is required (including watering or specific equipment required for grooming), and the climate are just a few factors to consider.


What is ReitenRight?

ReitenRight is made from all natural rubber yoga mats, a premium material to create premium footing. The open cell rubber is structured to retain moisture helping to reduce dust and frequency of watering, while significantly increasing the cushioning and overall energy return to your footing. This high-performance footing, unlike many options in its class, is a low maintenance additive with simple upkeep and install, with the ability to be used with any type of harrow or drag.

ReitenRight is compatible with a wide variety of sands and footing combinations. ReitenRight can be a great solution for your arena if your current sand has little to no cushion, a tendency to pack, or needs help controlling dust. With it's open-cell properties, ReitenRight allows your sand to have a little space in between preventing it from packing and bringing new life back into an older sand without having to replace it. If adding ReitenRight to a new build, you will ideally want to use an angular sand in a medium particle size. Choosing a sand with a good amount of traction and stability on its own is key, as ReitenRight, being a rubber additive, will not bind a fine/loose sand, but it will supply a great deal of cushioning and energy return. We recommend our clients to download our Sand Guide to better help navigate and inform them of sand options and abilities.

What sets ReitenRight apart from other rubber additives?

When most people think of a rubber additive, they think of old school crumb rubber which is a black closed cell rubber made from tire regrind. Crumb rubber does help increase the cushioning to sand, however being closed cell it has limited abilities and will not aid in dust control or water retention. Crumb rubber does contain carcinogens which as it begins to breakdown can be quite toxic and will require top-ups on a more frequent basis.

When comparing ReitenRight to other foam/ rubber additives keep in mind although they may look similar, they differ in abilities and price for many reasons.

Most are aware ReitenRight is a colourful additive, which at first glance, may look similar to other foam additives on the market, and while the material used sounds similar, they preform quite differently.


ReitenRight is made from high grade open cell yoga mats and differ from other foam additives that are closed cell and EVA based. In terms of performance, ReitenRight holds the unique ability to retain moisture and unlike lighter EVA based rubbers it can stay better blended within your sand.

We put it to the test with EVA rubber on the left and ReitenRight on the right. The weight and open celled structure allows ReitenRight to stay submerged in the water and avoid floating to the top, which can be important when footing is outdoors and exposed to the elements.

How does ReitenRight and Fibre compare and/or complement each other?

ReitenRight and Fibre additives are two very different additives but can work extremely well together! Fibre is meant to bind to create stability and traction while ReitenRight is meant to supply cushioning, energy return and water retention. It also has the ability to help with compaction in fibre arenas, which can have a tendency to pack and become too tight or sticky over time, causing unnecessary stress on the horse’s tendons/ligaments and joints. Instead of removing the footing and starting fresh which is very costly many customers have chosen to add ReitenRight to their existing fibre arenas to correct those issues.

We have had wonderful feedback from clients who have added ReitenRight to their arenas. Curious to learn more about the complimentary combination? Hear some testimonials from Christine Traurig and Guy McElvain.

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