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Trail Ride with Kastel Denmark's Charlotte Jorst

November 29, 2018
Trail Ride with Kastel Denmark's Charlotte Jorst

Through a series of unlikely introductions, I got to go on a trail ride with the ultimate #BossBabe,Charlotte Jorst. Not only was I invited, but I was invited to ride Kastel's Nintendo!! I played it cool and refrained from taking a shameless selfie with Founder of Kastel Denmark (those sunproof shirts you see in EVERY arena).

Upon arriving at the beautiful barn in Rancho Sante Fe, California, Charlotte welcomed me with enthusiasm that made me feel like family. She's got a contagious warmth to her personality that makes you want to spread the positive energy.

Aside from being a genuinely kind individual, Charlotte is arguably the most business savvy woman in the world. Having built a very successful company from the ground up, selling it, and pursuing her lifelong passion for riding (and also turning this into a business), Charlotte may have invented the term "sweat equity" and is no stranger to grinding out those long hours. There were many nights (years really) of the "bread and ketchup" diet before Charlotte and her husband sold their watch brand Skagen Denmark to Fossil where she was then able to dedicate time to the equestrian sport.

"There will always be highs and lows in any business but the key is to keep moving, one foot in front of the other", Charlotte shared with me. Her approach to business applies to her involvement with the equestrian industry as well- if something becomes stagnant or isn't fulfilling its goals.... change it up! Don't be afraid of these changes because the evolution is what keeps the business relevant.... relevant and SUCCESSFUL.

As a new entrepeneur, I was soaking up every bit of this ride, so grateful that someone (who is literally living my dream!) would spend a few hours out of their day to leave me a few bread crumbs on how to build a business.

Since starting Equivont, there have been numerous times I've found myself wondering, am I doing this right? Is this the right move? Should I really quit my job and go for it? And every time that has happened something like a trail ride with Charlotte Jorst transpires.

"When you really want something, the whole universe conspires to help you achieve it" -The Alchemist

Extra added bonus of my visit was getting a sneak peak of Charlotte's new 4 year old Zoega who arrived earlier this week (shown below).