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Ways to Keep Your Retired Horse Engaged & Happy

January 18, 2023
Ways to Keep Your Retired Horse Engaged & Happy

It’s a huge adjustment to transition your horse from everyday work to retirement. Even though retired horses enjoy their mellow lifestyles, it’s important to make sure that they still feel like they have a purpose. Every horse is different, but one thing that they all want is to know that they still have a place in your life and are loved. There are a lot of ways to keep your horse happy and engaged and we have a few helpful suggestions…

  1. Give them something to practice every day/every time you go see them. Giving your horse something to work on will help to keep their mind working even though you’re not working on anything under saddle anymore. Examples: carrot stretches, hand-walking pole courses or on the trail


  2. Spoil your horse with spa days! The thing that they want most is your attention, so why not spend the extra time giving them a sudsy bath with conditioner and fancy sprays, grooming until their coat shines, or braiding their mane and tail? They will take all the extra attention that they can get!

  3. Let your horse taste something new. There are so many treats that you can buy or that you can bring from your kitchen that they probably haven’t tried. Keep your horse on their toes with something exciting and different for their palette. See : Foods In Your Kitchen That Your Horse Can Eat, Too

  4. Keep their environment interesting. Hanging toys, scratchers, and feeders are great options to enhance their stall, corral, or pasture.

  5. Bring visitors! When you go to see your horse, see if somebody else wants to join you every once in a while. They’ll enjoy double attention, plus they’ll have new smells, voices, and energy to take in.


  6. Literally just hang out with them. Whether you want to share an apple with them in their stall or pull up a chair and read a book in their company, they’ll just be happy to have you sharing the same air.