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Welcome to Advanced Magnetic Therapy for Horses

Welcome to Advanced Magnetic Therapy for Horses

Magnetic equine therapy can be a divisive topic with a mixed reputation

Magnetic therapy for our horses

Whether you believe magnetic therapy is a pseudoscientific alternative medicine practice which “couldn’t possibly work” or whether you are a “true believer in the power of magnetism” - the subject of magnetism being used for healing purposes and the reputation of equine magnetic therapy in general can be truly divisive.

Evolution is all about looking forward.

In this article we look at a new addition to the equine complementary health market which has been making waves in the UK and Canada and is out now in the United States - EQU StreamZ Magnetic Horse Bands. Available on Equivont and endorsed by our own team.


This new addition to the equine magnetic therapy market has the potential to make a substantial impact within the US equine community, we look at why and what makes advanced magnetism different to more traditional magnetic methods we have seen in the past.

The magnetic therapy market in the United States is thought to exceed $300m per year. With natural alternative treatments growing rapidly the market for natural health related products is growing.

Magnetic therapy devices for horses

Magnetic therapy for horses is a well known complementary form of therapy which over the years has developed mixed results and thus a varied reputation.

For those of you who only apply clinically-proven technologies to support your horses health – magnetic therapy is likely not for you. For those of you who are open minded to new approaches, the latest advancement in bio-resonance magnetism should be high on your wish list!

EQU StreamZ remind us: “Applying clinical proven techniques is not the be-all-and-end-all of all decision making though - a parachute for example hasn’t been ‘clinically proven to save lives’ yet not many people would suggest jumping out of plane without one!” They have a point!


Using magnetic therapy is widely used to support a variety of equine health conditions, including stiff joints, inflammation and many types of pain relief.

Traditionally, magnetic therapy is integrated into a range of products – rugs, wraps, and boots – which have carefully positioned magnets stitched within them which are positioned over pressure points in areas of the body. Many of us have seen them at the yard before.

How traditional magnets work

When you fit a magnetic boot, wrap or rug to your horse a magnetic field is generated by the magnets when it comes into contact with your horses body. This process creates a reaction on the living cells which creates atheism increase in the living system which is said to increase blood flow.

It’s important to note, magnets do not heal by themselves; the magnetic fields generated by magnets impact the environment of the body which in turn helps the body to heal itself. Similarly, magnets do not create heat themselves but the interaction of living cells when placed next to magnetic fields can lead to an increase in temperature.

Traditional devices create a pulse from the face of their magnet and this process increases heat; often not what the horse needs and particularly if they are suffering from inflammation caused by an injury to a muscle, tendon or ligament.

Applying heat in these situations should always be avoided. It is this reason that many magnetic devices currently on the market are advertised incorrectly and in some cases could exacerbate a horse's injury.

What makes EQU StreamZ advanced magnetism unique?

As opposed to creating a pulse which in turn increases heat within the horse, StreamZ creates a unique range of spinning magnetic fields around the horses legs. This rebalances the living system without increasing heat.

This represents a giant leap forward within the equine magnetic therapy market.

EQU StreamZ horse bands are suitable for using in turnout and for long periods of time. No more worrying when you fitted your magnetic boots and when to take them off, EQU StreamZ bands can literally be put on and left on with the therapeutic effects getting to work continuously.


The fact that no heat is generated by StreamZ means the bands can be used to treat a multitude of conditions when increasing heat should be avoided, including arthritis, navicular, laminitis, and a lot more.

The bands have shown to benefit a variety of conditions and provide a valuable advancement in how magnetic therapy is used on horses. Streaming minerals more efficiently, StreamZ unique approach to magnetism rebalances the horses body and when placed on any two legs provides support to the whole body - whether back pain, hoof issues, dental pain or ligament damage.

StreamZ reputation within the UK and Canada has gone from strength-to-strength with professional endorsements from top-name riders across many disciplines.


“Competing in barrel racing my horses are subjected to extreme strains and pressures on their joints, muscles and tendons. A key aspect in ensuring their ongoing happiness and that they can compete at the highest level is providing them with as much ongoing support as possible. I have used magnetic devices in the past with mixed results; until I tried these! The EQU StreamZ bands introduce a new approach to magnetism which creates no heat when wrapped around the horses legs. This is ideal when using them directly after competing and when used to support their muscles and tendons.

I noticed the impact the bands had on this one horse after around 12-hours as the bruising dissipated far quicker than normal and we could also see a change in the horses gait. The impact was so great that the horse was sound enough to run a couple of days later!”

Jana Bean - Professional Barren Racer and 3 x NFR Competitor


“I use StreamZ unique magnetic technology on my performances horses, retired horses and myself! They are extremely effective at reducing inflammation. My horses come out more supple for their training and they are so simple and easy to use - a ‘must have’ in our barn! and highly recommended”

Belinda Trussell - Olympic-Level Grand Prix Dressage Rider


“I first experienced the results of StreamZ technology on myself after an injury. I then started seeing results on my horses followed by incredible success with my dog Arnie! Awesome natural and low maintenance technology!“

Liz halliday-Sharp - International USA 3-Day Eventer


“We have seen results across the entire StreamZ range and thoroughly recommend the technology. They provide a natural alternative for many horse related health issues, without compromising on results.”

Trevor Breen - International Grand Prix Showjumper

In summary

With fall now upon us many of our horses will experience complications in their hooves and as the weather begins to get colder joint issues and conditions become more common. EQU StreamZ bands provide horse owners across the US with a ‘first-look opportunity’ at this new advanced technology and one which we believe will be a market leader within a short amount of time.

Easy to manage and maintain and suitable for long term use without creating any side effects. Treat your horse and be one of the first in the US to benefit from this advancement in equine magnetic therapy.