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What We Learned at the Equestrian Businesswomen Summit

January 15, 2019
What We Learned at the Equestrian Businesswomen Summit

Pictured above: Jaclyn and Jessica from Equivont with our new favorite travel buddy, Annie Heise of Two Bits Equestrian

The first of its kind Equestrian Businesswomen Summit blew our expectations out of the water. The level of speakers and content were well organized and applicable across businesses within the equestrian industry. Our favorite part was connecting with other attendees- put a group of highly motivated, passionate businesswomen in a room for the day, and watch the magic happen.

Pictured above: Annie Heise of Two Bits Equestrian, Jaclyn from Equivont, Julie Salliant of Motivation Addict, Megan Smith Ray of Pilates4Equestrians, and Jessica from Equivont.

Jessica and I left with all the feels- and are more inspired than ever. Some of our favorite points include:

Don't forget self care. As women especially, I think we feel a lot of guilt and pressure to do it all. Owning small victories and knowing when to say no goes a long way toward sustainable productivity.

Be authentic. In a world where information is literally everywhere, it is more important than ever to stay true to your brand (personal and business). "How you do anything is how you do everything." This rings true in all aspects of our life. Being authentic and genuine with your brand attracts authentic and loyal customers.

We can go farther together. This was a refreshing theme among many of the attendees we spoke with. The equestrian industry tends to have a scarcity mindset and is not always the first to collaborate and share business ideas (Thanks, EQ Businesswomen for shaking this up for us). We are excited to see the shift here- businesses working together to not only grow our own companies, but the industry as a whole.

Listen to Jessica and I talk about how excited we are and some personal takeaways below:

Meeting these incredible women and discussing ways we can all move forward together is as refreshing as it is unique. We look forward to attending future summits and watching the positive ripples throughout our industry that the summit is sure to bring.

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