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What Your Horse Wants For Christmas

November 26, 2019
What Your Horse Wants For Christmas

The holidays are approaching fast and the gift shopping frenzy has begun! Don't worry, Team Equivont is here to help!

We know you've already found the perfect gift for your trainer (if not check out our blog post: The 5 Best Gifts For Your Trainer )! Now it's time to shop for that special someone in every equestrian's life: your horse! In today's blog post we provide a simple guide to gift shopping for your best bud this holiday season.

1. Something Tasty!


We'll start easy (and inexpensive): horse treats are definitely at the top of your horse's list for Santa. Browse Equivont's selection of horse treats ~ you'll find everything from basic cookies in bulk to calming cookies.


The Hygain Smoochies earned a 5-star review from our horses!

Another fun way to spruce up this simple gift is to bake horse treats at home! There are a multitude of great horse cookie recipes available online that only require very basic and horse-friendly ingredients, and most importantly homemade cookies are made with love!

2. Something Stylish

Stylish and functional tack and equipment are gifts both you and your horse can enjoy! While you get to ride around on your well-dressed horse, your horse appreciates the feeling of new tack that is fully in-tact! No more stained saddle pads that are paper thin or polos that unwrap while you ride. Whether you just want to freshen up your lesson OOTD with a fun bonnet, or need to invest in new show-jumping boots or a saddle, Equivont has it all!

Here's our horse's top picks:

  • Zandona: Carbon Air Tendon Boots: Maintain a sleek and stylish look in your lessons or the show ring! These boots offer great protection and shock absorption for your horse's tendons while staying breathable.


  • Equifit T-Sport Polo Wraps: These high quality polo wraps offer maximum compression, cool comfort, and slip-free support while maintaining a low-profile and stylish look that crosses over from at-home hacking to the big eq ring!
  • Lami-Cell Come Best Dressage Saddle Pad: Not only is this saddle pad gorgeous to look at, it also incorporates Anion-adding technology with Far-Infrared thermal healing therapy fibers to provide your horse maximum comfort during and after working!
  • Draper Equine Therapy® Fly Bonnets: Add a little sass to your lesson or show style with these fun bling bonnets!


3. Something Comfortable

New Clothes!

With the holiday season comes dropping temperatures and body clipping, so keep your horse cozy this winter with a fresh blanket! Whether you want to gift your horse a new cooler to keep them dry and cozy after your ride, or a custom stable blanket to show them a little extra love, Equivont should be the first place you look!

Our horses love the Back On Track Therapeutic Turnout Sheet which combines durability with Back on Track's ceramic therapy to keep your horse warm and dry as well as relieve muscle stiffness!


Body Work and Therapy Products!

The holidays are the best time to decompress from the busy year, for both you and your horse! While you are getting your nails done or enjoying a nice massage, don't forget to include your horse in the pampering!

  • Use an at-home therapy product for consistent support and a little extra one-on-one time with your horse. Our's love the Draper Therapy Hock Boots!

  • Schedule an appointment for your horse to receive quality body work, whether it's laser therapy, massage, or another form of therapy, your horse (and their muscles and joints) will surely love this gift. Learn about new therapy modalities and browse body workers in your area here!

4. Something Healthy

Supplementing your horse's diet is often necessary for them to maintain optimal health and wellness. Whether you have an older horse who benefits from joint or senior supplements, or a performance horse who needs a little gut support or calming supplements, we've got you!


Our horses love these:

Find your horse's new favorite supplement here!

Most Importantly

As much as we love showering our horses in goodies, let's remember that the day-to-day care and wellness of our horses takes precedent over all. Show your love year round by providing them with good nutrition, plenty of turnout, and quality training to ensure they are happy citizens (and decrease the likelihood of them bucking you off on your next trail ride).

Nothing Beats A Good Ole' Grooming

We get it, buying everyone gifts for the holidays can be so darn expensive, especially when all your money seems to disappear in your horse's grain bucket! If you're pinching pennies this winter (and even if you're not), just spending some quality time with your horse, giving them a good brush and a hug, is probably the best gift they will ever receive. They are our best friends after all!

We hope this horsey gift-giving-guide makes your shopping endeavors slightly less stressful this holiday season! Don't forget to browse all of Equivont's products if you're still searching for the perfect gift. Find something you and horse love on Equivont? Don't forget to tag us in your instagram posts (@equivont) for a chance to be featured on our story!