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15 Gifts Your Horse Lovin' Honey Actually Wants this Christmas

Equivont is here to help you check everything off your favorite equestrian's wish list!

Gift-giving isn't everyone's love language! If you struggle to know what your horse-obsessed other half is wishing for under the tree (tip: it will always be a pony), Equivont is here to help.

P.S. We've all forwarded this to our non-horsey other-halfs.

7 Stocking Stuffers That Will Make Her Jump For Joy

Even Santa will be impressed by these gorgeous gifts!

Who doesn't love this Christmas tradition? Equivont has all the treats and small items to help your girlfriend feel even more special this Christmas. In addition to horse tack, we also sell products catered to riders, outside the ring. Gift to impress with our wide selection of accessories, undergarments, home goods, and rider wellness products. From jewelry to skincare, Equivont items will fit perfectly over your fireplace.

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8 Gifts That Are Easier To Fit Under The Than A Horse

Looking for something to really impress your other half this holiday season?

Look no further! We have all the gifts your girlfriend is hoping to see under the tree, besides a new horse (which you can find on Equivont if you're really looking to splurge ­čśë). From riding outfits to holiday gifts for the homebody, our selection caters to everyone. Show your girlfriend how you feel about her with these luxury equestrian items.

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Find the ultimate gift for your girlfriend at Equivont.

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