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Here's The Gifts Your Horse Wants This Christmas

Happy holidays from our herd to yours! Find the perfect present for your 4-legged friends on Equivont.

Make sure Santa doesn't forget to throw some goodies for your horse in the barn stockings this holiday season!

Grooming Supplies

These items make a great stocking stuffer! Our products will ensure both you and your equine friend look your best, from holiday party to horse show.

Equivont products cater to riders and horses. Gift your horse while mutually treating yourself with our new variety of grooming supplies. Grooming frequently isn't just for aesthetics! In fact, proper grooming helps eliminate the under-blanket build-up that could otherwise lead to fungal infections and health issues during winter months. Give your horse the gift of healthy skin this Christmas with Equivont!

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Boots & Hoof Care

Dashing through the snow requires the right footwear.

Set your horse up for success this Christmas with boots and hoof care from small equestrian businesses. With frozen, uneven, or slippery ground, it's crucial to protect your horse’s hooves and legs this winter.

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Horse Treats

Santa isn’t the only one who wants cookies this Christmas! Satisfy your horse’s sweet tooth with these goodies.

Between gingerbread and pumpkin spice, there’s nothing more festive than cookies. Horses shouldn’t be left out of the holiday cheer! Whether you prefer training treats or nutritional supplements, we have the feed you need to reward your horse and keep them in performance shape, all winter long.

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This Christmas, gift your horse a brand new halter, making every day a fashion-forward delight!

Wrap up the spirit of the holidays by gifting your horse a sleek new halter, blending fashion and function for a stylish trot into the New Year's adventures ahead! After all, what better way to spread cheer than by giving your equine companion the gift of both comfort and flair?

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'Tis the season! Keep your horses cozy this winter with our variety of blanket options.

Blanketing is crucial for shielding your horse from harsh weather conditions. The right blanket will help maintain their coat and body condition. Equivont blankets and sheets ensure the best fit, comfort, and protection so that you can rest easy knowing your horse is covered this holiday season. Let it snow!

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There you have it, a Christmas list "straight from the horse's mouth."

Now that you've checked off all the four-legged friends on your shopping list, explore the rest of our products below!