Boots + Wraps


Boots + Wraps- Unless there is a pre-existing condition that needs protection, most backyard pleasure horses do not need any type of leg protection. However, some horses, no matter how light their workload is, are prone to over-reaching, forging, or interfering and injuring themselves. Often poor conformation causes them to hit themselves, especially after they get tired. (Rather like you and I might trip over our own feet when fatigued.) Young horses that are being started may hit themselves because they are unbalanced. And of course, performance horses-hunters, jumping, endurance horses, barrel race, reiners, and many others, may benefit from the support and protection of a leg boot. Depending on what your horse's specific problem is, or what sport you're competing in, there are many boots to choose from. Manufacturers don't always use the exact same name to describe all boots. Some boots combine functions, such as a boot that is both a sports medicine boot and skid boot. It's important that leg protection fits well, is kept clean and in the case of bell boots used for stabling or turn out, checked frequently in case the boots are chafing. Built up a sweat, grit, and dust can make boots uncomfortable, so cleaning them regularly is essential. Here are the most commonly used leg protection or leg boots.