Massage + Vibration Therapy


to absorb excess water and urine so actual liquid runoff is minimal except after a stall washdown. Massage + Vibration Therapy- Indications for whole body vibration therapy are numerous. In horses, they include tendon and ligament injuries, laminitis, arthritis, bucked shins, decreased bone density, navicular syndrome, cellulitis, colic, and more. We use WBVT for horses that are stalled and cannot exercise properly, such as those on limited exercise or stall rest. We find that some horses with arthritic joints, muscle soreness or painful feet feel better after WBVT. Horses with tendon and ligament injuries are normally on limited exercise, so we use WBVT to stimulate those tendons and ligaments without the impact of trotting or cantering. Horses that are stalled or on limited turnout are stressed, and we can use WBVT to relieve that stress. We also use it for pre-exercise warm ups for horses on limited exercise. Some horses receive post-exercise WBVT to calm them, but it depends on their individual temperaments.