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Two Bits Equestrian: Patience is Key

October 30, 2018
Two Bits Equestrian: Patience is Key

Equivont’s Featured Business this week is Two Bits Equestrian. Annie Heise is the ultimate #girlboss with a strong vision for her brand.


Lisa Takada, Equivont intern, has had the pleasure of personally working with Annie and has seen her dedication as a businesswoman and equestrian first hand. Annie ethically-sources her own materials and has the apparel produced locally in Los Angeles, home to Two Bits Equestrian. Her line is minimalist inspired with the idea that these pieces of apparel will always and forever be a staple in your closet.

We asked Annie to tell us about her riding career, to start. Horses were in her life starting from a very young age. "I started riding when I was 6 years old... I had a buckskin welsh cob pony named Cracker Jack. Through high school, I rode any horse I could... but wasn't competing. When I went away to college I started riding for event trainers. I did this until I was 28 and then reentered the Hunter/Jumper world and started showing! It's been really fun."

Annie dove into how Two Bits Equestrian came to be and how she juggles both her business and her riding. "I came up with the idea last summer - honestly, out of frustration because I couldn't find what I was looking for. I began coming up with designs and researching fashion production houses Downtown LA and the rest is history!”

Like most equestrians, Annie strives to find the ultimate work/horse balance. “I have to make my horse time a priority or I get a little irritable, ha! In LA, our lives revolved around traffic. Keeping an organized regimen is essential. As of late, I have to travel a lot for trunk shows... but at least then, for the most part, I am still around horses and horse people."


While Two Bits Equestrian is still on the newer side, you would never guess that after continuously spotting Two Bits Equestrian apparel all over the big A-rated shows out here in California. Left and right, no matter where you look, there are equestrians sporting her beautiful creations!

The beauty of equestrian sport is that we can all take away different life lessons from our horses. They know how to test us and how to pick out our weaknesses, and most importantly teach us how to be better humans. Annie’s biggest life lesson learned from horses is, "Patience... remembering to have no expectations and to remain curious."

That being said, we all know that riding is a tough sport and sometimes it can be a bit difficult to keep kicking on. Annie explains what her motivator is: "The horses... they are the most incredible animals. I can’t live without them... truly!"

We feel the same way! Horses are exquisite animals that somehow can keep us sane yet make us go insane at the same time, ha!

The Equivont team sports Two Bits Sweaters and plans to keep them for many years to come. Check out Two Bits designs on Equivont today!