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Better Riding in 2020: The Best Advice From Our Trainers

Better Riding in 2020: The Best Advice From Our Trainers

Sometimes we joke that our trainers can just record themselves saying, "Shorten your reins," "Add more leg," and "Stop pulling" to play on repeat during lessons, while they go on a tropical vacation. Our resolutions this year will be to not make our trainers go insane with the same sentences repeated week after week. To help you do the same, here's our favorite tips from 2019:

Jess: "It looks like you have super glue under your armpits!" - Lane Clarke Meaning: don't prioritize the "perfect position" you have in your head over the feeling of the horse. Horses are fluid moving creatures and require a fluid rider.

Jacki: "Sing a song in your head during the course. It helps you keep a rhythm and ride from feel" - Point Break Farms

Mikayla: "Jumping out of the ring is not an appropriate exit strategy" - Sarah Pollock Sporthorses

Kelsey: "Take care of your horse and he'll take care of you." - Trinity Eventing

Eri: "Try counting 1-2-3 instead of 1-2 when jumping." - Rebecca and Mia Farley It really helps me because I can count 1-2 at any rhythm and sometimes I inadvertently slow down or speed up my pace whereas 1-2-3 is more specific and harder to loose your rhythm.

Blaire: "Listen to your horse! They are talking to you, it's your job to pay attention to what they are saying." -Jerry Schurnik

Lisa: "Don't be weird- Just ride your horse" - Excell Equestrian

Ashley: "I don't think he's shown before... Grab mane!" - BreakAway Farms

We hope these tips helps you start 2020 off on the right hoof. Giddy up!