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Introducing Our Newest Tack Hardware

Introducing Our Newest Tack Hardware

There’s a saying that “how you do the little things is how you do everything.”

We live by that message at American Stalls. We take great pride in all aspects of our client experience – everything from our products to ongoing service to final delivery. Every detail adds up to a world class experience for you.

Horse Stall Fronts, Barn Doors, and Barn Windows are the large components that you first lay your eyes on when entering a barn. As you enjoy your barn, you interact more and more with the latches, the hinges, and every nook and cranny. That is why we go to great details to ensure the little things work to perfection.

At American Stalls, every detail matters. How your hinges seamlessly operate. How your latches glide with little effort. How the design lines and curves of your product all flow in perfect harmony. It all adds up.

As we make our way from the main aisle of the barn, that same experience must flow into other barns of the barn. That includes the Tack Room where we store our prized tack. For years, we have been dissatisfied with the tack hardware available in the equestrian industry.

Today, we’re excited to showcase our newest line of tack hardware to provide equestrians with tasteful and durable hardware. We'd like to present to you – The Roosevelt Collection.


The Roosevelt Collection is inspired by the bold spirit and timeless elegance of one of America's most iconic figures, Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. Mr.Roosevelt served as the 26th President of the United States. As equestrians (and history enthusiasts), our inspiration has led us to create this bespoke collection. The Roosevelt Collection epitomizes the strength, durability, and sophistication.


Just as Roosevelt was renowned for his robust nature, rugged adventures, and refined demeanor, our line of brass hardware mirrors these qualities. Each piece is carefully crafted to reflect a sense of adventure, durability, and grace.

Crafted from the finest brass, the Roosevelt Collection showcases a selection of Bridle Hooks, Single Hooks, and Double Hooks. These pieces are not merely functional, but are a testament to intricate design and lasting craftsmanship.

Their sleek appearance combines vintage charm with contemporary finesse, resulting in a timeless allure that speaks to both the passionate equestrian and the discerning adventurist.

We, equestrians, understand the value of reliability. Whether in the midst of competition or the quiet moments in the barn, you need hardware that stands the test of time and daily rigors. The Roosevelt Collection is built to endure, without compromising on elegance or style.

Bridle Hook

Distinguished by the interplay of smooth solid brass and clean lines, this Bridle Hook reflects superior craftsmanship and ultimate longevity. Each Bridle Hook is equipped with a bridle curve and tastefully appointed hook. The Bridle Curve is designed to carefully hold your horse’s bridle to retain shape and promote drying. Solid brass, hand polishing and a robust powder coat ensure an enduring finish.


Single Hook

This Single Hook delivers versatility, craftsmanship and durability in a small package. Each Single Hook features a hefty baseplate and tasteful hook. Solid brass, hand polishing and a robust powder coat provide an enduring finish. Our Single Hook is sure to provide versatility to your Tack Room. Providing storage for everything from equestrian tack accessories to coats and more.


Double Hook

This Double Hook delivers more flexibility, craftsmanship and durability. Each Double Hook features a hardy baseplate and two tasteful hooks. Crafted from brass and hand polishing before the application of a robust powder coat provide an enduring finish. Our Double Hook provide you flexibility throughout your barn and Tack Room.


Do you have any questions regarding our Roosevelt Collection and its hardware? Are you ready to get started on your barn project? If you can dream it, we can build it! Contact us today if you may have any additional questions or would like to speak to someone from our expert design staff. You can contact us for your upcoming horse stalls and hardware project at (855) 957-8255 or email us at We look forward to bringing your barn vision to life!