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One Stride at a Time to Move Forward

One Stride at a Time to Move Forward

Jump back into the horse industry full force after quarantine, and one step ahead of your competitors, with STRIDER! From enabling riders to discover and book the perfect opportunity, to helping equestrians across the industry grow and run their businesses, STRIDER fosters connection to top tier experiences.

Raise your hand if you FaceTimed with your horse during COVID-19 mandated quarantine. Not to worry, we did too. And we’re so grateful for this new use of one of our favorite technologies.

As concerns about COVID-19 have spread, we’ve seen a stop to our beloved show season, mandatory shutdowns of barns and training facilities nationwide, and uncertainty about the future of equestrian businesses.

A variety of digital options and tools to maintain connections and continue to make progress have been implemented by horse enthusiasts throughout the industry. Traditionally, boarding facilities and show venues have based operations on physical interactions and paper, the virus has forced a shift to digital means of communication, payment, and other innovations. Equestrians everywhere have demonstrated an incredible adaptability, but will these new technology adoptions carry forward?


Equestrian business owners have ramped up their online presence to stay in touch with past, present, and future clients through email, Zoom webinars, and the “live” features on their favorite social media platforms. We’ve seen more behind-the-scenes training videos from our favorite top riders, and many home-bound horse-lovers have been able to take advantage of new opportunities. Through the rise of webinars, virtual lessons, and online horse shows, equestrians have leveraged technologies from other industries for their own benefit.

The forced off-season from the demands of the horse show lifestyle have given riders, trainers, and business owners some time to learn new technologies as well as explore their advantages. Despite the initial investment of time it may take to learn to use a new software program or test out a new platform, digital tools improve efficiency and enable us all to get back to what we really love to do: spend time with our horses.

As states slowly begin to re-open, and our favorite equestrian facilities announce upcoming offerings, consider supporting the digital efforts these entities have made as a result of the pandemic. Here are some simple ways you can do just that:

SUBSCRIBE to, and read, newsletter emails from your local Pony Club, Horse Park, or favorite equestrian brand. Chances are you’ll find some content you really enjoy. SUBMIT digital payments and documents wherever possible. This not only helps to reduce touchpoints and slow the spread of the virus, but helps equestrian businesses stay more streamlined in their processes. ENGAGE with your favorite equestrian brands, businesses, and organizations across social media. Take some time to explore accounts you may not be familiar with. A quick ‘like’ from you goes a long way for small businesses.


Technological innovation and adoption have grown throughout the industry. Archaic processes and a desire for more efficient processes have given rise to such platforms as Equivont and STRIDER, both of which seek to connect equestrians to the opportunities and products they seek. “Necessity is the mother of invention,” as they say. Now is the time to explore options that enhance connectivity and coherence throughout our industry so that we can safely #StrideForward.


STRIDER is a leading software services provider in the equestrian industry with more than 80,000 users worldwide, the STRIDER web platform offers digital solutions for online event registration, promotion, and payment focused on top tier athletic opportunities. In addition to customized payment processing services, STRIDER also offers various digital tools to help equestrians across the industry grow and run their businesses. Check out STRIDER on Equivont, and tune into their *FREE** Webinar on Using Digital Tools for Your Equestrian Business!*