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Reverse Scallop Braid Tutorial

November 01, 2021

Everyone at Team Equivont hopes this blog post finds you well in during the COVID-19 pandemic and international shelter-in. If you are fortunate enough to still be able to spend your quarantine at the barn, here is a fun braiding tutorial to practice in your new found free time!

Equivont Intern Mikayla Vosseller breaks down the unique "Reverse Scallop Braid" into a few simple steps so you can tackle this show-ring style and debut it at your first show or event post quarantine!

These braids may appear intimidating at first, but this tutorial reveals the simplicity behind the "Reverse Scallop Braid". To get this look, you just need a few supplies and time to practice (something we're not short of these days)!

  • Horse (or if you're stuck in your house, husbands, siblings, and children make great practice dummies when perfecting your braiding techniques!)
  • Mane should be 4-6" long, even in length, and thicker = better!
  • Comb
  • Rubber braiding bands (or hair bands bought at your local drugstore)
  • Water or braiding spray (you can mix hairspray with water to replicate braiding spray)
  • Pull through (you can buy these at craft stores, or make your own with a paper clip!) ___ Mikayla, Equivont Intern, is also available for hire as a braider throughout the show season for hunter and jumper style braids. She frequents the Southern California show circuit, including Blenheim EquiSports, as well as the Paso Robles Horse Park. Learn more about Braiding by Mikayla on Equivont!