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The Advantages of AniCell

AniCell Biotech is an exciting biotech company that extends the active life of animals with products that use amnion growth factors and cellular components. Learn about AniCell Biotech's technology and products on the Equivont Blog!

The Advantages of AniCell

Regenerative medicine is not new to animals. Until now, veterinarians have used different regenerative therapies, such as IRAP, Platelet-rich Plasma (“PRP”), bone marrow-derived stem cells and adipose tissue-derived stem cells. These have gained in popularity in the last ten years, however, these therapies are very invasive to the horse requiring a painful sample extraction from either blood, bone marrow or fat and typically performed in less than ideal conditions. For instance, once autologous stem cell samples are harvested, they are then processed in the lab to extract the stem cells and then the growth stage takes weeks to culture the cells. After a month, it can be reintroduced back into the horse or dog to treat the injury.


A non-invasive procedure that does not require painful harvesting of bone marrow or fat. No sedation or anesthetics required.

All Natural

Amniotic material is regenerative fetal components safely collected during parturition versus culturing aged adult cells. It includes the basic building blocks of the ECM such as collagens, carbohydrates, lipids, hyaluronic acid, laminin, fibronectin and other complex growth factors. These materials form the basis of a covering that is biocompatible with the wound tissue and protects it from the outside environment.


Amnion is immune privileged — it lacks the MHC Type II expressions (blood antigens) that would normally elicit an inflammatory immune response commonly referred to as rejection.

Lower Cost

No collection kit shipping required for fat or bone marrow samples. No culturing or lab work needed.


We are able to administer immediately in the field during the acute inflammatory signaling phase.


AniCell extends the ACTIVE life of animals by recycling amniotic material to create an all-natural regenerative treatment for veterinarians to treat tissue related injuries in animals. Unlike our service-based competitors who harvest the stem cells from the animals they are going to treat, AniCell collects and produces affordable, field-ready products available the same day as diagnosis with no harm to animals. Browse AniCell Biotech products and offerings on Equivont!