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Danny Arrand: The Process of Shoeing a Horse

December 10, 2018

Talk about a guy with a serious drive and passion for his work. I found Danny Arrand hammering away this fine Saturday. Any extra time he has is spent on or under a horse- even when he's got a wedding to be in later that evening (which happened to be the case here)!

He spent a few minutes walking me through the process of shoeing a horse.

Danny first evaluates the state of the horse's feet to make a plan. To execute the plan, he pulls the shoes and trims the hooves to achieve the ideal shape and angle of each hoof. Next he will place the shoe in fire for a more workable metal to hammer into the shape of that particular. Sometimes it takes a few times between the burning & hammering to get the show to fit just right. Once happy with the fit, Danny nails on the shoes and files the nails for a perfectly manicured foot.

Questions about the process or your horses's feet? Give Danny a ring.