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How Do You Know if Your Horse Needs a Massage?

March 21, 2024

This informative video from Equine Massage by Sue has answers to some of the common questions they get.

We are often asked, what horses need massage? And the answer of course, is they all do. Whether they are trail horses or 1.40m horses, reiners or retired horses! They all can benefit from bodywork.

What are the signs? We talk a lot about behavior changes. If your horse is consistently getting its lead changes, or happy while tacking them up, and suddenly that’s different. Suddenly they are swapping leads, maybe in front of a jump, or they are grumpy when you are tightening up the girth. Those are generally some really good signs that they it’s time for a massage, and they have some tight muscles.

Here at Equine Massage by Sue, we use massage and evidence-based technologies to help your horses feel their best. Our guiding principle always begins with hands-on assessment utilizing massage, we believe it is the pathway to the animal’s state of wellbeing and provides the most important feedback. It also dictates how we can add technologies like cold laser, PEMF, Alphasonic and color puncture. We believe our unique combination of massage techniques, knowledge of technological tools, and understanding of biomechanics provides the most comprehensive body work program for your horse.