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Jessica Eaves Mathews: Wonder Women and An Capall

Jessica Eaves Mathews: Wonder Women and An Capall

Jessica Eaves Mathews is a true Wonder Woman. In her own words, she is a Mom, Entrepreneur, Trademark Lawyer, Speaker, Business Strategist, #1 Best-Selling Author, and Horse Nut. In the equine industry, she is the CEO and Co-Founder of An Capall Equestrian and manages a stunning equestrian property.

Not only does Jessica talk-the-talk, she follows her own advice and has created a functional, eco-chic brand- An Capall Equestrian. An Capall shirts are made with recycled plastic bottles, creating high-performance clothing with a smaller environmental footprint. This brand is committed to being a responsible corporate and global citizen. If you aren't already obsessed- in addition to using fabrics and technology that is environmentally responsible, a portion of the net proceeds go toward ocean cleanup efforts. We'll take one in every color, thanks!

On top of all of her amazing accolades, Jessica Eaves Mathews recently wrote a book titled, Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World, available to purchase here. Although she's quite the busy woman, she took the time to chat about her book and what it means to empower women. We are obsessed!

This book is important to us and our society now, not only for women empowerment but for business improvement through social initiatives. Here, Jessica Eaves Mathews gives us an overview of why and how Wonder Women: How Western Women Will Save the World came to be.

Kudos to Jessica Eaves Mathews for speaking out with such eloquence about the role of women in society, and creating a brand with a mission we can all stand behind. You inspire us!